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Stepmania Controller

This was a simple arcade controller I made with the laser cutter, an Atmega 32u4 board, and some arcade buttons. Another simple project. It worked pretty well for quite some time, but I just plugged it into my Windows 10 computer and I got a lovely BSOD, so I might want to revisit this one in the near future.

I know I'd go for a Teensy LC if I made another one of these, and maybe give it the IIDX treatment with nice lighting modes. See below for some pics and my CAD file from the laser cutter.

Image: 2018-05/2018-05-29-20.50.34.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2018-05-29-20.50.26.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2018-05-29-20.51.39.jpg

Files for Download:

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Written by Tim on 2013-05-25 23:50 UTC