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Wedding Arch

This is a bunch of photos of the build for the arch for my wedding. It's done with a ton of mortise and tenon joints, and glue. The top bars are at a 45 degree angle, the rest are all square joints. Made from cedar, and finished with linseed oil.

Image: 2018-05/2015-07-26-11.37.26.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-07-28-06.43.30.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-04-19.39.17.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-04-21.01.08.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-04-21.08.51.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-04-21.08.58.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-15-19.46.24.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-15-19.46.35.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-16-21.27.35.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-26-20.33.06.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-27-18.51.33.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-27-19.17.31.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-29-08.18.17.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-29-09.39.52.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-30-15.39.59.jpg

Image: 2018-05/2015-08-30-09.44.01.jpg

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Written by Tim on 2015-09-12 17:00 UTC