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I'm putting up a website to chronicle my various projects, at the request of a few folks who said they'd like to see what I'm up to. This is that website.

I've uploaded a few blog entries from the past, mostly from to preserve them for the future. I've also made some retro-dated blog entries of my own projects that were never before posted anywhere, so even though this site was made in 2018, there may be blog posts dated back before then.

You can view all my blog posts with the Everything link, or sort by category with the other menu links.

Electronics contains most everything I've worked on. If it has a battery, an LED, or microprocessor I interacted with, expect to find it in electronics.

Radio is for projects specific to amateur radio or SDR I'm working on. Probably could be a subset of Electronics, but it feels different enough to warrant it's own menu header.

Woodworking contains projects that I've used wood in. I've even included some of my early stuff with bad woodworking, before I learned what I was doing.

Music includes anything musically related. Guitar mods, sheet music and tabs, and stuff for the assorted rhythm games I play and enjoy.

The Life section contains blog entries about life events, like moving tT from Provo to Orem, projects that had to do with events in my life, like weddings or Halloween, and anything else that doesn't really fit into the previous categories super well.