Gorduino - Original Blog Recreated

Date Published: 2010-08-22

Gorduino - Original Blog Recreated cover image

This is another recreated blog post from thetransistor.com. Gordo actually did all the work on this one, but I wanted to preserve this piece of tT history on my own blog for the future.

Project Overview

The Gorduino is a PCB board layout designed to work with our Minimalist Arduino Kits. It was designed by Gordon Cooper with input from other Transistor Members. Features include:

  • Access to all Arduino pins (D0-D13, and A0-A5)
  • Ground Pins adjacent to all Digital Pins
  • 5V Rail and Ground Rail adjacent to all Analog Pins for ease of sensor use
  • USB/External Power Selector Jumper Pin
  • Single sided board for easy home reproduction
  • Small form factor compared to typical Arduino footprint

Eagle Schematic Files

Files for v0.3a (Current Version):

(See download links below)

Changes from v0.2a:

  • Added 5V rail on analog pins.
  • General cleanup and trace size/position changes.

Files for v0.2a (Zombie Defense Version):

(See download links below)

Download Files: