IIDX Deck - Build Log - Part 2

Date Published: 2017-11-01

IIDX Deck - Build Log - Part 2 cover image

This part will cover the actual physical build of the deck, mostly the woodworking stuff.

Step 1 was to laminate the oak pieces that would form the top.

I had also at some point since planing the wood back in 2015 laser cut all the plexiglass bits that would form the deck top. I laid them out as precisely as I could on the laminated top, and then did some drilling and shallow mortisework to get it button-ready. This phase took me from 2016 into 2017, due to life obligations, adopting an 8 month old German Shepherd named Ziggy, and just not having a ton of time or motivaton to work on it.

After the top was ready, I had to make the dovetailed box with panel and frame bottom. See below for several pics of this process.

It looks more warped than it was in this pic. Not sure why. I glued up the dovetail section and patched some of the tails as needed.