The Night We Flooded tT Provo

Date Published: 2010-08-18

The Night We Flooded tT Provo cover image

On July 23, 2010 we installed a shiny new counter and sink in the attic of the Startup Building in Provo, where the Transistor was located. Good times were had by all, until Tuesday August 17. Around 6:30 PM I received a call drom d3c4f, who informed me that apparently the whole building was flooding, and the source was the sink we had installed and used happily for almost a month. I resigned myself to the chaos that was to ensue, and headed south from my apartment in West Jordan. We ended up spending most of the night pulling up soggy carpet, removing wet ceiling tiles which likely contained asbestos, and pulling sopping wet batt insulation from the ceilings until around 2:30 in the morning.

The water had come from a compression fitting on the water supply line that had popped open. It made it from our spot in the attic all the way down to the showroom 3 floors below.We did eventually get everything cleaned up and dry, replaced the ceiling tiles and insulation, and made damn sure the compression fittings on the sink were not going to come loose ever again. On the plus side we did discover a startup from the late 80s that was focused on something similar to modern day RAID arrays called Dune. They had aparently been paying rent since 1993, and had not visited their office once in that timeframe, just left all their stuff there.