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Nixie Clock - Original Blog Recreated

Written by Tim on 2010-05-12 18:00 UTC

Here you will find the mostly preserved original build log for my Nixie Clock formerly posted on circa 2010. I've also included my original schematics for download. (I've also included some comments in parantheses from present-day me.)

Animatronic R2-D2

Written by Tim on 2010-04-02 22:00 UTC

This is a project from the old Transistor days. It never got a blog post, but it should have, so now it will. My Friend Wharff had an R2-D2 USB hub that made a long series of beeps when a button was pressed. He wanted to learn about electronics, and asked for my help in making the top of R2's head to move about with blinking LEDs when the button was pressed, in addition to the sound it makes.

Minimalist Arduino - Original Blog Recreated

Written by Tim on 2010-02-02 21:33 UTC

This is another blog post from the early tT days I wanted to preserve for posterity. We were selling kits of the bare-minimum components to make an arduino board. I'm leaving all the links in this one to the wayback machine because I'm lazy. Even without the links working you ought to be able to make one of these given the fairly generic parts list.