This is the GitHub page. I've put some links to a few of my more interesting GitHub projects, so you don't need to wade through every repo to find the good ones. If you want to look through everything, here's the link.

The oMIDItone

This is a project where I reverse engineered some analog Otamatone synths and added MIDI control to them. There's a couple blog posts about it as well.

Embedded Rust Scaffold Projects

These scaffold projects are intended to be used as jumping-off points for embedded hardware projects written in rust. The idea is that if you clone the repo and follow the readme instructions, you should be able to upload code to the MCU in question immediately. This lets you begin work on your actual project without needing to set up your toolchain every time.

Lighting Controller

The lighting controller has been in ongoing development for quite a while, and is used in many of my video game controller projects, and the oMIDItone. The latest incarnation of it has been rewritten in rust to be more generally dropped into my future projects. It's set up to allow for custom layered linear animations on LED strips to be added to just about any project with ease.

Fan Temperature Controller

This was a fun practical project that I threw together. I keep my video game consoles in a cabinet beneath my television, but they were getting too hot and overheating. This project uses a temperature sensor to measure the temperature inside the cabinet, and uses PWM control signals to set the speed to two computer fans to exhaust the hot air when things are getting too warm.

This website is also up on GitHub if you're interested in seeing what's going on under the hood.